Lunch Bunch & More

Lunch Bunch is available for all of our children.  Lunch bunch is available every day until 3 PM. It can be added to a child's schedule on a permanent or a "drop in" basis.  An additional hour (3:00 - 4:00) is available daily for an additional fee.

We enjoy additional activities for our Transitional Preschool through Transitional Kindergarten classes in the afternoons: music and movement, gymnastics, and art are a few of our favorites.

Music and Movement
Our music/movement class is with Miss Sue. She teaches a fun filled class that has every one moving and grooving to music they love. Music and movement experiences will help children gain strength, coordination, agility, and a positive relationship with their physical bodies. Physical development is as important for the young child as any other area of learning.

Our art class is conducted by Miss Dee. She engages the children with a wide variety of media and materials for creative expression through art. Children will be invited to paint, work with clay, hone their pencil skills, and gain greater ability to observe the world around them while learning to express that understanding in a variety of media. Miss Dee is a former Lyan Art conservator. She has worked at museums such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The San Francisco Museum of Art.

Miss Amanda teaches our gymnastics class. Each week she includes the children in basic tumbling movement and skills. Not only is gymnastics great exercise for the young child, it also helps develop his/her physical strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. Miss Amanda is a former competitive gymnast. She continues to enjoy gymnastics by teaching a new generation to also love the sport.


Seaside Nursery School offers a weekly Spanish class to our Transitional Kindergarden and Preschool students.  The children enjoy a half hour class with music, books and activities aimed at introducing the children to the Spanish language.